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He appears to know the poor woman. The other shoe shop guy whose name has totally slipped my mind right now, the one with the son, is there too and urges a group of men to stop carrying furniture out of the house of the deceased. They should not steal from each other. He gets into a bit of a melee with one of them, while trying to stop the theft of a chair.

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The thief replies he is hungry. They all live in shit, while the one responsible lives in a large golden palace. That smelled quite shitty most of the time. Look what we live with. That would be a bit early. She hopes Louis might allow her to take care of it, without a doubt also hoping that she can cancel such plans this way. If you want, says Louis. Of course she does.

Oh, shut up, you silly cow. I have said it before and I will say it again, I can not stand that woman. I have a deep dislike for the historical Maintenon and while I love the work of the actress here, I do not like this Maintenon at all either. At times I even like show Maintenon less than historical Maintenon. Cowtenon gets a snog from Louis, who says it may take a while. The council expects him later, she says. The council does not command the King, the King commands the council. That is stupid phrasing here again. Happens quite often in the show. Louis says Maintenon ought to deal with council, he got other places to be.

Serves her right. Louis meets with Philippe at the stables of Versailles. Louvois waddles to them in company of an irritated looking Bontemps. There is news, the Ottomans are gathering their forces. Louis wants to be informed the very minute they move on Vienna.


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Of course, says Louvois, and Bontemps takes his chance to inquire where Louis and Philippe are heading. They must know for the sake of his security. Philippe says a huge boar has been spotted and they are off to hunt it, before Louis can say something. Bontemps insists to come with them. No reason, says Louis, and rides off with Philippe… and four guards. Hurray for the guards.

The French Winawer: Move by Move

The Chevalier admires a piece of fabric worthy of a Queen as Marie-Louise is fitted for a dress. Probably a wedding dress. She is not eager to wear it. Marie-Louise wants to know what she ought to do. Just wait? She has not been sent en route to Spain yet, that must mean there is still hope.

Quite possibly, says Liselotte , but Marie-Louise does not buy it.

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She wants to know if her uncle might still send her to Spain…. Louis has taken their money, forced them to change faith, took their bibles… how much longer until he will take their lives? Oui, that is why they must stick together. Confront him with one voice in front of the Cardinal.

Then they must protest, she says with a firm voice. How should they do that? It would only mean their complete downfall. He has been refused permission. Back to the Chevalier…. Looks like he comes straight from a 80s aerobic class. He nibbles on a blackberry and is seated at a table in the salons. The Duchesse joins him there. She suspected to find him amusing himself, he takes pleasure where he can, he returns. He seems quite uncaring about her presence and gestures her to sit with him, as her behind is pretty much already seated.

I do not care. The Chevalier is surprised and amused.

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Now she wants something from him, after she has treated him so very rudely before. She has always been generous with him, she says, and he laughs. He wants to know what she wants from him. Nothing for herself, she says, her friend has been forbidden to leave for the Netherlands. He is a man of some influence Now he suddenly is one? After he has been treated like a street-dog all the time. He has no influence anymore, he says. As if he ever had it in this show, although he is a Prince. All her friend needs is the fitting document and a signature under it. He taps her nose playfully and says it would require the right spirit.

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She eyes him, saying that underneath the mask is a man who would do the right thing. His mood changes, the risk is too great. They talk of forgery, after all. She does a manipulative-Maintenon-move and touches his fingers lightly, saying she was aware he enjoys to talk… but she did not suspect him to be a coward. I need a break. I think you might be able to guess what I think right now. It appears I am not blessed with a break, for we stay with the Chevalier.

He has relocated himself and is now in company of Liselotte. He is stretched out and she seated next to him as he ponders loudly if he is a coward…. I take a deep breath… I do not want to rant about it anymore… Liselotte replies with a dry yes. The Chevalier argues that he is a survivor and not a coward. It is not my job to look after the Protestants.

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I guess. And why not also get him into some stupid semi-love-story with a woman, gotta give the man something to do after all. He is over that, he says, I seriously doubt it. The Chevalier has other things to do and to consider… Liselotte says it might be time for her to do the same. Paris bridge shot. And he is late. Guillaume is not happy and says if it happens again, he will be forced to look at Bastiens wages.

He does not, argues Bastien, he only says what people are thinking. He should not pick a fight with the King, for that is a fight he can not win.

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One day the people will stand up united and things will change. If they involve themselves in that kind of stuff and the King hears of it, the shop will be closed at once. By the way, I think it was Jules, who showed me an interview with someone from the show saying if they went on with a season 4, they would need to invent things because they would run out of historical background stories. We both had a good laugh about that. Something is wrong with one of the horses.