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Gorgeous, flirty and humorous on the surface, but battling his pain beneath. And the kiss in the carriage scene was the perfect combination of moving and sexy. Just perfect! Lara Temple. I have always had a soft spot for Rhett Butler. Rhett was such a great alpha character and Ashley Wilkes was far too vanilla for me. The twenty-year-old me would have picked Ranger but fast forward two decades and Joe Morelli would be my pick. Emily Forbes. I love Zane from Harper St. He might be rough on the outside, but he has a sensitive soul and the heart of a true gentleman.

When he senses things are moving too fast for Glory, he actually asks permission before kissing her! Catherine Tinley. Also he likes swimming naked in the river when he thinks no one is watching! Harper St George. Heidi Rice. No other book hero can even be a close second. Carol Arens. Nicola Marsh. All that tortured, anguished broken hearted, brooding intensity just makes for one of the most intense underexplored romantic heroes of all time.

Oh to be the focus of such a devoted love that gave way to one of the greatest sacrifices in the HP world. My Petronus would be a doe! Pippa Roscoe. Oh, who am I kidding? Therese Beharrie. My first book boyfriend crush happened when I was almost fifteen.

My mother gave me Pride and Prejudice to read. Mr Darcy! The Final Detail. Harlan Coben. Death Makes The Front Pages. Teresa Watson.

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The Flaw in His Diamond. Susan Stephens. Devoted Sisters. Alison Buck. The Puppy Place Bella. Ellen Miles. Body Heat. Adrianne Byrd.

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Carrying the Rancher's Heir. Charlene Sands. Chance for Love. Ann B.


Storm's Refuge. Nancy M. Hollywood Blackmail. Jackie Ashenden. Last Writes Ghostwriter Mystery 3. Tasha Black. Shelley Peterson. Tall, Dark, and Deported. Bru Baker. The Fireman's Pole. Sue Brown. Junkyard Heart. Garrett Leigh. When Only Diamonds Will Do. Lindsay Armstrong. Diana Palmer. Sara Zarr. Terri Reed.

Bubbles and Boo The Puppy Place Wes and Kit. Hollis Shiloh. Ghost Dog. Eleanor Allen. Angel The Puppy Place The Trouble With Millionaires. Amie Louellen. Surrender to Temptation. Blue Steal. Marnie ST Clair.

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Kristi Gold. Down Fall. Darren Britton. Claudia Monteiro. Eenie, Meanie, Minie, No! Sandra S.

A Man Out of Time. Elizabeth Coldwell. Five Days in Skye. Carla Laureano.

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Paty Jager. He will go back to his country and rule. Indi is memorized b Lorenzo is going to be king, its all he's ever known would happen in his life. Indi is memorized by the angry looking man in the gardens. She snaps his picture and he demands it to be deleted. She thinks he's a odd gardener to not want his picture taken.

Then she finds out he's a friend of the family they are both staying with. She doesn't know he's a prince but she is drawn to him. Sparks fly when she finds out his secret but she doesn't stay mad too long. It steels her resolve that they could never have more than this summer fling. Indi changed Lorenzo, for the better. He was more relaxed and at ease.