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I had hoped we might do a few activities at the resort, but it turned out that few of them were actually held there, with the exception of horseback riding, one of the key reasons I decided on Sea Cliff.

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She envisions herself some kind of horse whisperer. While at the age of 6, she has had more horse experience than I have, but it is still limited to horse-sitting other than horse-riding.

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Before, an all-inclusive was the antithesis of what I looked for in a holiday, that is before I began traveling as a single mom. Now, it is not always what I like to do, but I do like to throw at least one into the vacation mix every year if possible. No beach, but this lovely boardwalk out to a sunset pavilion made up for it.

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We saw other children at breakfast and dinner, but only one or two during the day. Though I did drop her off a few times for only an hour or so, she preferred to sit in the back of the gym with her tablet while I worked out. So we spent more time together than I had anticipated. That is not a bad thing at all, of course, part of the purpose of the trip was not only to have some distance from Malawi and our usual routine, but to have quality mother-daughter time.

Unfortunately for us both, some work had followed me on vacation. It is another of those small post realities. I am the political officer but as we have a small State Department footprint, I also back-up the Economic and Consular officers. The recent departure of the Management Officer retired without an immediate replacement, the Financial Management Officer FMO would need a back-up certifying officer… I only needed to take a 40 hour course and pass a four hour test before the FMO went on a two week training session the first week of November.

So while C had some pool time, I had some fiscal data time. C and I walk into the sunset on the back of horses. Still it was a beautiful place and we had some good time together. Despite the work, it was a perfect holiday together. Until we had to head back to Dar es Salaam.


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Although C had been fine on the ferry over, we were not so lucky on the way back. I had purchased business class tickets, which were exactly like the economy class seats we had on the way over, with the exception of their location on the boat. I chose front seats, in front of the aisle and the television.

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None of it mattered. About 45 minutes into the trip, C declared she was not feeling so good and then without warning projectile vomited on her backpack, my backpack, the seat, the floor, miraculously missing most of herself. A boat attendant was at our side in approximately 30 seconds with a roll of paper towels, apparently well-trained for such incidents. I got C to the restroom at the back of the boat to clean her and our backpacks off.

We sat back down, only to 30 minutes later get to experience the whole magical experience again. Except this time she made sure she got it all over her clothes and her stuffie and somehow in her hair. There was only so much I could do to clean her up. We disembarked in Dar rather smelly, others gave us a wide berth.

At least at first. Once we stood ready to gather our two rolling suitcases and walk the 10 minutes to the hotel, we were suddenly the hottest tickets in town, no matter how much we stunk. Men on foot, and men in taxis, and men in other forms of transport pursued us. Hakuna Matata.

No doubt, hoping I would slip him a few dollars as if not more useful in Zanzibar as Tanzanian shillings. I did not.

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As I headed to a shop about 9 PM to get C and I some snacks a man began to videotape me with his phone, right in my face. Maybe exercise — the gym for me, the pool for C. Only to find out once in our room on the top floor that the hot water was not working, the hot water tank was on the roof, just above our heads, so while waiting in our executive floor suite we could hear every clang and bang of someone attempting to rectify the water situation.

The executive floor lounge was closed on Saturdays. The pool and rooftop bar closed for renovation.

We were told two hours until the water would be fixed. It took four. C and I tried to make the best of it, but it was not easy. Though I can laugh about it now. Sort of. Overall a good trip. Overall being the key word. Certainly not boring and a trip we will not forget. It was a trip loooooong in the planning. We had easily been talking about it for a year. I bought my plane tickets and booked my hotels six months beforehand.

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It was Springtime, even Easter time, in Paris after all. There was no time to waste. We both had visited Paris in the past and this was just about seeing each other and introducing the kiddos to the City of Lights. Single parent friends with a 25 year old friendship.

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As the departure date grew closer, I began to have a few misgivings. The forecast indicated cooler and wetter weather than we had hoped for. And work, it was busy. Very busy. I began to think this could possibly be the worst time I could have chosen for a holiday.

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Also, our first longish vacation since arriving in Malawi. We departed on a Friday. A two hour layover in possibly one of the worst airports in the world Bole International Airport seems to be in constant construction mode , then a seven hour flight to Paris, arriving at AM. Yes, AM. We both had the sniffles and had developed a cough, but we were no worse for wear. After a wee bit of difficulty finding our shuttle to our hotel, we checked in before CZ and Little C, who also visited us in Shanghai , were already in Paris, though at a different hotel.

CZ reserved her hotel with points and had been able to redeem at the swanky Westin. Swank was too dear for me, so I booked around the corner at half the cost. View toward Montmartre from the Roue de Paris. We met up and hit a sidewalk cafe for brunch.