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A couple of more scenes unfold, and you have to fight two more battles. After you beat the enemies, you'll be at the Evacuation Facility. After the scene, head to Room , which is your room. If you can't find it, go left from Peppita's room. It's the last door in the hall. Sophia will go to sleep. Head over to your bed and go to sleep as well. An announcement will then occur, and you're back in control.

Use the save point. Head for the transporter to be transported to the Transport Ship Herle. Talk with everyone and exit the room. Go down the hall and enter the door that's visible on your map. A scene will occur.


After it, leave. Head north and talk with everyone again. Go back to the hallway and talk with everyone here. Now head north and watch the scene. After it, go back to the hallway again and talk with everyone again. Go back to the room where you encountered that grumpy man and go up the stairs. Go south to find the escape pods. Talk with the employees and head back to the stairs, and re-enter the room. Go south and a path should be cleared now. Go through the door and pick any door.

Verse of the Day

Sophia will use the pod. A man will tell you there's one pod left. Fayt will hop in. Watch the following scenes, and the game is about to really begin. However, you can also sell these for Fol a pop. Since they don't stack, you can sell any spares you get during the game.

Sword & Citadel (The Book of the New Sun #) by Gene Wolfe

In order to get the best chance of completeing a map, you'll need to run along the sides of every area, as well as fill in some little secret paths, so make sure to explore each map carefully. The first thing you'll notice as you run along, are that enemies are visible on the map. There aren't any random encounters, so you can pick your own fights, which can come in handy late into the game.

The enemies that reside on this planet, however, are very simple, so you shouldn't have any troubles with them. This forest is pathetically easy to navigate through, so you shouldn't need any real directions. Make sure to run along the edges if you want to complete the map. Once you reach the next screen, just go follow the straight path and you'll eventually trigger a scene. Anywho, watch the scene, and you'll be in your first town.

Explore around the town for chests. The Purple Arrows on your map indicate that an Inn is there. Green Arrows indicate that a shop is there. One of the chests in the arena contains Fol.

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When you find that, go ahead and buy a Ring Mail. When you do that, go find the Elders House should be near Niklas' house and talk with him. Now head back out and head back to the house you started out for a scene. After the scene, you'll have your sword back. Exit the house and go west to go back to the Forest.

Backtrack to your ship. Once you reach it, a scene will trigger.

Nothing else to do here, so make your way back to Whipple. Morning will come. Make sure to prepare yourself, because you're about to head for your first dungeon. When you think you're ready, exit the forst, and take the split path going north when you come to it. This will allow you to reach your first dungeon, as well as complete the Pesotto Forest map.

Remember to run along edges in every area you come across. Head north and go left at the split for a chest containing FOL.

Make your way back to the first area and go east. Ignore the chest you first see here, as you can't get it yet. Go northwest.

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Head north to reach the next area. Backtrack to the fork you just took, and go right this time and keep heading east to reach the next area. Follow the paths here and you'll eventually come across a huge house like area. Head back and take the right side this time. A scene will occur, and you're left to use force. Treat it like any other 3v1 battle you've had so far. Although, if you happen to have Blazing Sword, use it in order to get a quick MP kill for all 3 of them.

After the battle, explore the rest of this area and head in the door. Exit the room and head north and take a right at the fork. Watch the scene and make sure to use the save point. Head to the computer and you'll be prompted to enter a password. The answer to the password were those big red letters that you found as you explored the ruins. If you weren't paying attention, that's why I'm here, right? The password is "". Exit and head back to the fork and take the other path to find Niklas. Soon, a man comes into the room, and then a muscle type man comes into the room. Then the battle begins.

Norton's attacks don't do that much damage, and with Cliff on your team, you should be able to win this fight easily. There's really not much to it. Just run in and attack him. He doesn't have a lot of HP, so you should be able to waste him pretty fast.

What do you think?

And with Cliff helping you, he'll fall even faster. Just sit back and let Cliff take care of Norton for you. Cliff's pretty powerful, but you'll most likely need to heal him. You'll have the chance in the post game. After the fight, watch the scene. Exit the hideout, and make your way back to Whipple. Once in the village, watch the scene. If you're planning on using Cliff for the rest of the game, this will come in handy for him, as his later skills eat his HP pretty fast.