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Kearney is very proud of being the exact centre of the United States, and Kearney Insists upon that point very strongly. Hence Kearney assumes an attitude of es pecial interest in regard to the Journal Examiner Yellow-fellow relay. Not since the boom has Kearney been so gay. They tell you, these good people of Kear ney, that they were a city of fifteen thou sand four years ago.

Around these bulletins the townspeople in general, and the bicycle sharps in particu lar gathered all day long to discuss the conditions of the road, direction and ve locity of the wind, the capabilities of in dividual couriers and their bearing upon the time at which the packet might be ex pected to arrive.

About the roads there was a conflict of opinion. Some called them good and a few called them horrible. After gathering all the data obtainable on that point I came to the conclusion that what a prairie wheelman calls a good road would give a New Yorker or San Francis can cycler the cold shivers, complicated with the curvature of the spine. If there be not more than four or five miles of walking through deep sand in a relay of twenty miles, your prairie courier con ceives himself to be the most fortunate among qren. Riders Who H. When Lem.

Deitrlck slung the packet over his shoulder and started off down the road toward Fort Steele, t was not only pitch dark, but a blinding rain was being driven by gusts of wind in what seemed to be every point of the compass. White dug away, as becomes a pacemaker, peering into the blackness through his gold-bowed glasses. At first he rode blindly, but after three or four miles there was revealed from the vast shuffle of gloom a vague white thread. That white thread he knew was the alkali road, stretching through the sage brush plain, and as he followed its winding, Its dips and rises, his mind grew to accept what was white as his only safety, and what was black as his only terror.

That mental attitude was Trailer "Bug" Ers well's undoing. It happened that a creek not many miles west of Fort Steele had been swollen to a torrent, and was dash ing down from the mountains.

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It had gathered into its embrace and swept away the frail bridge whereby the wagon road was carried over the stream. In the blackness of the night the torrent gleamed white just as the road gleamed white, and with the rain stinging his face and the wind whistling about his ears Ers well forged ahead so ably and so energeti cally that he forged over the bank and found himself floundering in twelve feet of water before he could utter a shout of?

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They reached Fort fSteele partly by rid ing and partly by walking along the dirt and delivered the packet, which was soak ing wet like themselves, to the courier who was waiting for it. Then some good Sam aritan of a woman washed their clothes, which were plastered all over with mud, and in the small hours of the morning thev flagged a freight train and rode with their bicycles to Laramie. After swal lowing some breakfast while the freight was switching in the yard, he jumped into the caboose again, with the intention of reaching Granite Canyon in time to carry the packet into Cheyenne.

As fast as the big bulletins displayed the news of the relay yesterday it was'carried in all directions and furnished food for conversation all over the city. When the dispatches of the past few days told of the wild enthusiasm of the Western towns the matter was viewed incredulously by many New Yorkers.

Why does God hate me?

But as the relay approaches on its Eastern course it is evident that in terest is growing. From Kearny, Neb. Without doubt the great, relay is ac quainting us with all of the best racing talent in the country, for each State seems to have furnished Its swiftest men that the least of the glory might not be theirs when the record of the race is ail summed up.

That the record of this race will stand for a long time seems to be the verdict generally among wheelmen, for the won derful time thai is being made, in the face of every obstacle, is due to the wonderful enthusiasm that exists from the novelty of the project, and It may be a long time hisfore men may offer to risk their lives in a game of such danger. Foster Declares That 8. Rabbi Gotthejl, Dr R. Mac Arthur and Rev. When Li Hung Chang arose at G o'clock yesterday morning his first question was: "Where are those missionaries? What we have done and how little we have done on our part is nothing hut the dnties of onr Government, while the missionaries, as you have so ably expressed, have not sought for pecu niary gains at the hands of our people.

They have not been secret emisaries of diplomatic schemes. Their labors have no political sig nificance, and the last, not the least, if I might be permited to add, they have not Interfered with or usurped the rights of the territorial authorities. In it philosophical point of view, as far as I htfve been enabled to ap preciate, Christianity does not dif fer much from Confucianism, as the Golden Rule is expresed in a positive form in one, while it is expressed in the negative form in the other.

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Logically speaking, whether these two forms of expressing the same truth cover exactly the same ground or not, I leave to the in vestigations of those who have more philosophical tastes. It is, at tlie present, enough to conclude that there exists not much differ ence between the wise sayings of the two grer. What Preachers Tlilnli. Without wishing to question his sincerity in the least, it is not quite unfair to presume that if he lias been in a coun try where the Buddhist religion or the Mohammedan religion Is dominant, he might have said the same thing of Bud dha or Mohammed and their teachings and influences that lieh did of those of Christ.

You could expect nothing else from a statesman of the Viceroy's capacity and in sight. He would not be what he is, nor could he have accomplished what he has, had he been as narym-minded as most of the ecclesiastical rulers are, and have been filled with the idea that Confucius was the savior of tlie world, and that outside of the Confucian Church there is no salva tion. And I would like to know in what Christian country a Confucian missionary would be tolerated and treated and spoken of in the terms in which the Chinese Vice roy spoke of the Christian missionaries in China Rev.

MacArthur, of No. Taken as a whole the speech expresses marked appreciation of the work lone by our missionaries in China, and we should esteem The missionaries arrived soon after the. Viceroy had breakfasted, and at o'clock were admitted. They went Into the parlor at Thirty-third and Fifth avenue. Li Hung Chang came in slowly between two attendants.

He wore Ills yellow jacket. Li sat in the large chair at the table, but the clergymen all stood throughout the call. Ex-Secretary Foster presented Rev. Foster told the Viceroy that the gentlemen represented nearly 8, He said that the societies had sixty hospitals in China. Elllnwood advanced toward the Vice roy with a handsomely engraved copy of his address, bound in black and red seal leather.

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Li Hung Chang spread out both of his palms and received the book upon tliem. He bowed low: so did Dr. Ellln wood. Then Dr. Elllnwood delivered his uddrpss.

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After the greeting, it said that Chinese missionaries enjoyed better protection than In most other countries, and where violence had been done it was never with the sanc tion of the Government. The educational work for Chinese, both in this country and in China, was dwelt upon, and the blessing of the Almighty was invoked for the Chinese nation, its Emperor and its Am bassador.

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Li prefaced his formal reply with some remarks which were interpreted thus by Lo Fing Luh: "The Viceroy is very thankful for the kind sentiments you have expressed. The Viceroy fully appreciates that all the American mis sionaries In China have disinterested mo tives. They work only for the good of mankind. In tlie name of my august master, tlie Emperor of China, I beg to ten der to you his beat thanks for your mneh esteemed work in the field of China, have neglected none of the three. I need not?

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As for intellect, you liave started nu merous educational establishments, whieh have served as the best means to enable our countrymen to acquire a fair knowledge of the modern arts and sciences of tho West. As for the materinl part of our constitution, your societies have started hospials and dispensa ries to save not only the souls but also the bodies of our countrymen.

I have also tA add that at the time of famine in some of the provinces you have done your best to the great est number of the sufferers to keep their bodies and souls together. Before I bring my reply to a con clusion, I have only two things to mention. The first, the opium smoking, being a great curse to the Chinese population, your socie ties have tried your best not only as anti-opium societies, to afford the best means to stop the craving for the opium, but also to receive none as your converts who are opi um smokers.

I have to tender, in my own name, my best thanks for your most ef fective prayers to God to spare my life when it was imperilled by the assassin's bullet, and for yonr most kind wishes which yon have just now so ably expressed in the inter ests of my sovereign, my country and my people. At the end of the address LI nrose and shook hands with each as they were intro duced by Mr. Drew, in many instances ask ing the ministers how old they were, how many children rhey had, and how much they got a month for their services to the church.

Several of the ministers spoke Chinese, and to these he spoke pleasantly. Representatives were present from the highly the regard in which the eniment China man evidently holds those who have been doing such noble work in his benighted coun try. Iiut the difference between Christianity and Confucianism is far greater than he seems to think.

As far as the mere expression of the Golden Rule in the two creeds is con cerned, there Is but' the difference that in Confucionism it is stated negatively, and In Christianity positively. By the role of Confuclous we are not commanded to do anything, we are only asked to refrain from doing to another that which we would not have him do to us. But Christ enjoins upon us positive, continued aud benlficent action. Cor, associate pastor of the People's Church, which holds Its services in the Academy of Music, was greatly in terested in Li's address, and was impressed by the future it seemed to open up to the American missionaries in China.

The great Chinaman's statements are true.

source link From a philosophical view Christianity does not differ much from Confucianism. The great difference in the teachings of the creeds is nicely shown In the way m which the golden rule of each is expressed. As stated by Christ, the rule indicates a persistent, posi tive course of action, -but the idea of Confu cius is one of passive Inaction. So the whole religion of Christ Is one of continued labor and self-sacrifice, a religion of action and emotion, in which the mind, soul aud body tajse active parts; while that of Confucius is mental, altogether almost consisting mainly of abstract moralizings.

Democrats and Populists Unite on the Electoral Ticket. Indianapolis, Ind. The Demo crats and Populists of this State yesterday agreed to unite on the electoral ticket. It is a part of the agreement that, in con sideration qf the representation on the electoral ticket, the Populists shall vote the free silver Democratic State ticket and for Democratic candidates for thp Legis lature and for free silver candidates for Congress.

The agreement makes fusion between the two parties complete in the State.