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One thing to take into consideration with this breed is their health. Their size makes them susceptible to hip dysplasia as well as other bone diseases. While the Greyhound may be most commonly associated with racing or a popular bus company, the speed of this breed is actually more suited to recreational runs. They are very fine-boned and gentle animals, but need constant exercise. Let them run off their energy in a park or on daily runs, and this incredibly loving breed will follow you anywhere!

Irish Setter. The deep, rich auburn coloring of the Irish Setter is very well known. These dogs are popular for both work and play, though their exuberant nature may be too much for more sedate people to handle. Similarly, they can be a bit rough around very young children without meaning to be. This energetic breed thrives on a lot of playtime and loves a bit of roughhousing. Labrador Retriever.

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With their multitude of beautiful colors and incredibly friendly natures, this breed has worked its way into the family experience. Intensely loving and very good with children, the Labrador retriever is a perfect pet for a family who enjoys outdoor adventures and regular exercise.

The Newfoundland has its roots in search and rescue. With their webbed paws, they have historically helped drowning sailors find their way back to shore. This ability to serve and eagerness to please makes them ideal for families. They love roughhousing with adults, but also feel a tenderness toward children that is almost unmatched, making them great for growing up with, and fantastic for family adventures!

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Norwegian Elkhound. This is quite an ancient breed. Originally prized by the Vikings for their energy and intelligence, the Norwegian Elkhound is also very clever and prescient when it comes to personality. They love their humans unconditionally and always try to make a bad day better with their cheerful moods and playful natures. Pachon Navarro. While the Pachon Navarro may seem introverted, be aware that under their quiet exterior beats a heart yearning to run free.

Setting this breed loose in an open field or dog park is essential, as they have energy abound and must express it. With the proper exercise and play, this breed is fun, loving and very charismatic. The Plott breed is very independent, and its owner should be, as well. An American breed originally developed for hunting, the Plott still retains quite a few primal instincts.

These dogs are solitary, and their ideal master is a lone wolf himself. Polish Hound. Polish Hounds are a remarkably calm, casual and gentle large dog breed. While they make for the perfect guard dogs, they are still extremely friendly around children and other animals. In a sense, they take some of the best aspects of the German Shepherd, while being far more relaxed and kind spirited. Rhodesian Ridgeback. The Rhodesian Ridgeback has an interesting history. Originally bred to tame the wild South African fauna, it soon found its place as a farm dog among settlers.

Though they may have a reputation for aggression, if treated with respect and handled with a gentle firmness, the Rottweiler makes an excellent family pet. They are very loving, loyal and gentle to their families, though also surprised easily and not very good with strangers.

Saint Bernard. These origins are reflected in the giant heart and good nature of this giant breed. Eager to please and crazy for love, the Saint Bernard is a truly family-oriented, loving dog that will provide a family with a lifetime of affection. Shiba Inu. While the Shiba Inu may not be the biggest dog on the block, he sure packs a lot of attitude!

This Japanese breed is the slightly smaller cousin of the Akita, but no less fierce or loyal. They have friendly smiles most of the time, but are also fiercely protective of their families, full of tenacious courage that makes them excellent for families. Siberian Husky.

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As the domesticated breed of dog most closely related to their ancestral wolf, the Siberian Husky is a force to be reckoned with. Incredibly beautiful, and very closely resembling the wolf, this breed of dog is prized by those who favor a primal connection with the past. Sussex Spaniel.

Like many spaniels, the Sussex spaniel needs quite a bit of grooming due to its long, wavy coat. However, the love, loyalty and friendship this breed provide make their upkeep well worth it. Thai Ridgeback. The Thai Ridgeback is a very rare breed of dog in the United States. Originally bred for hunting and being a watchdog, this is not the gentlest of breeds.

Single men with an active lifestyle and a firm hand when it comes to training dogs may handle them, but those with families featuring small children may find this breed difficult. However, if you welcome a challenge, are familiar with dogs and want a loyal companion for life, look no further than the Thai Ridgeback. The Vizsla, or Hungarian Pointer, is a beautiful breed with a reddish-gold coat and floppy ears. They are very affectionate and enjoy feeling close to their families, making them perfect indoor dogs. They are also incredibly clever and train easily, though care should be taken to keep them out of messy situations!

This beautiful breed is well-muscled and very obviously used to working hard. Ideal for hunters or farmers, a Weimaraner is also well suited for guys who lead an active lifestyle. It is very important to establish dominance early on with this breed, as they are incredibly independent and used to leading their own pack.

Or does your dog just like grass? Turns out this behavior has puzzled many, including the How does your pooch fit in with the rest of the pack when it comes to bed time?

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Nationwide asked pet owners to spill the beans on where their canine companions sleep. Senior ailments can start creeping up on our companions as early as five years of age. Here are the top 10 most common conditions to look for in your dog. Max Bentley 2. Charlie Tucker 3. Buddy Duke 4.

Cooper The classics remain in favor, of course, from friendly Max and Charlie to strong Rocky and Duke. All kept a spot in the top ten. The three fastest-rising male dog names of the year were Chester, Finn, and Ollie, while Theo and Archie both debuted in the top for the first time this year. Dogs are considered family members, so human names have become very popular for pets. Humor is another popular source of dog naming inspiration: Sir Barkley and Muttley Crue are both boy puppy names in our database.

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A great Dane named Chico? An American bulldog named Sparky? A small dog named Rocket?

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Why not? Lastly, dog breeds sometimes shape dog naming choices. Retrievers love water, so an aquatic dog name could be a good fit for your new Lab or golden. We like Ocean, Jacques, and Captain.